We know everyone's schedules are different and we try to offer programs that are flexible yet stable for young children.  We currently enroll children for a typical school year calendar-we do not currently offer summer hours.

Below is a list of program offered.  If you have a special request or question, please feel free to contact the school at 740-622-3127 or email coshoctonmontessori@yahoo.com

Preschool Programs Offered

Morning Preschool Class                              9am-12pm                                   Days Offered: MTW, TWTH, WTHF, 5-Day   

3-day/week   $1,450/year or $145/month                          5-day/week $1,850/year or $185/month

Afternoon Preschool Class                              1:30pm-3:30pm                                                 Days Offered: TWTH                 

$1,000/year or $100/month

Early Morning Services*                                           7:30am-9am                                    Days Offered: MTW, TWTH, WTHF, 5-Day

3-day   $30/month added onto Morning Preschool Rate                  5-day  $50/month added onto Morning Preschool Rate

Extended Day Services*                                   12pm-3:30pm                                          Days Offered: MTW, TWTH, WTHF, 5-Day

3-day    $105/month added onto Morning Preschool Rate              5-day   $165/month added onto Morning Preschool Rate

*These services are only available in combination with the Morning Preschool Class.

After-School Care                                    3:30pm-4:30pm                                        Days Offered:  MTW, TWTH, WTHF, 5-Day

3-day  $30/month added onto Preschool Rate                   5-day  $50/month added onto Morning Preschool Rate

All Programs are available to a limited number of children.  Children must be potty trained and at least 2years, 6months.  Some services may not be offered if numbers do not allow for such.  Please contact the school for verification of programs and available spaces.